Generating a new API Token

API tokens can be generated for integrations. You can generate and manage API tokens in the Arun Admin interface.

In order to generate an API token, you must be an administrator, and Token Access option must be enabled.

  1. Click the "Profile Icon" on the top right, then select first option. Screenshot
  2. On the left menu bar, click "Integration Setting". Screenshot
  3. Click "+ Generate Token". Screenshot
  4. Set your token with your design to use Token:

    4.1 "Purpose" - Set a config for this token.
    4.2 "Token Name" - Input your token name.
    4.3 "Product" - Choose the Arun product for this token. (You can select multiple products.)
    4.4 "Scope" - Set the permission for this token

"Read" - This setting made your token to read data but you cannot edit anything.
"Write" - This setting made your token to write. (Set the keywords, edit sentiment, etc.)
(You can select multiple choices.)